(c) Malwa
(d) Taxila
Vikramaditya, a king of Ujjain, started the Vikrama samvat in 58 BC in
commemoration of his victory over
(a) Indo-Greeks
(b) Sakas
(c) Parthians
(d) Kushanas
The Kushana kings were called sons of god. This title was adopted by the
Kushanas from the
(a) Chinese
(b) Parthians
(c) Greeks
(d) Ceylonese
The Greeks introduced the practice of military governorship and the
governors were called
(a) sthanikas
(b) pradesikas
(c) rashtriyas
(d) strategos
Which of the following museums possesses the largest number of sculptures
of Kushana times in India?
(a) Sarnath Museum
(b) Calcutta Museum
(c) Mathura Museum
(d) Bhopal Museum
Saundarananda, which is a fine example of Sanskrit kavya was composed by
(a) Patanjali
(b) Asvaghosha
(c) Panini
(d) Kalidasa
Composition of numerous avadanas were the result of the progress of
(a) Mahayana Buddhism
(b) Hinayana Buddhism