(b) Puhar and Muziris
(c) Mathura and Ujjain
(d) Pratisthana and Kongo
Who might have issued the largest number of copper coins in the post-
Mauryan period?
(a) Satavahanas
(b) Sakas
(c) Kushanas
(d) Indo-Greeks
Which of the following is incorrect about the post-Mauryan period?
(a) Pushyamitra Sunga assassinated the last Mauryan ruler and usurped the
(b) Some Buddhist literary sources claim that Pushyamitra persecuted the
Buddhists and destroyed their monasteries and places of worship.
(c) Archaeological evidence supports the above reference.
(d) Pushyamitra was a keen supporter of Brahmin orthodoxy and is known to
have performed two horse sacrifices.
Which of the following statements about the Sudarsana lake are correct?
(i) The lake was originally constructed by the Vaishya rashtriya Pushyagupta
under Chandragupta Maurya.
(ii) This was maintained by yavana raja Tusaspa under Asoka.
(iii) During the time of Rudradaman the dam of the lake burst because of
floods caused by the rivers Suvarnarekha, Palasini, etc.
(iv) It was repaired under the supervision of Parthian amatya Suvisakha, son
of Kulaipa.
(v) Rudradaman was the then ruler when Suvisakha repaired the lake.
Of these statements
(a) i, ii and v are true
(b) i, ii, iii, and v are true
(c) i, ii, iv and v are true
(d) All are true
Which of the following is the correct chronology of the foreigners invading
north-western India?
(a) Greeks, Parthians, Sakas, Kushanas