(d) Madhyamika Karika
Mathura, according to Patanjali, was famous for which one of the following
special varieties of textiles?
(a) Chintz
(b) Oukula
(c) Sataka
(d) Kshauma
Which of the following were the main items of Indian exports to the Roman
(a) Food grains
(b) Raw materials for industries
(c) Horses
(d) Luxury goods
Who among the following lamented that bullion was flowing out of the
Roman empire into India?
(a) Anonymous author of the Periplus
(b) Pliny the Elder
(c) Strabo
(d) Ptolemy
What was the most popular and typical pottery of the post-Maurya period?
(a) Red Ware
(b) Northern Black Polished Ware
(c) Black and Red Ware
(d) Painted Grey Ware
Which of the following rulers controlled the so-called ‘Silk Route’ and also
benefitted the most from the revenues it brought?
(a) Parthians
(b) Satavahanas
(c) Kushanas
(d) Sakas
At which of the following ports the largest Roman settlement and a Roman
factory have been discovered?
(a) Bharukachchha
(b) Tamralipti