(b) Vishnusarma
(c) Vasudeva
(d) Vasumitra
Which Buddhist monk advised Kanishka to convene the fourth Buddhist
(a) Nagarjuna
(b) Parsva
(c) Asvaghosha
(d) Vasubandhu
Which Satavahana ruler is credited with killing the last Kanva ruler?
(a) Pulamayi
(b) Hala
(c) Simukha
(d) Yajnasri Satakarnj
Who started the Saka era and when?
(a) Kadphises in 58 BC
(b) Rudradaman I in 78 AD
(c) Vikramaditya in 58 BC
(d) Kanishka in 78 AD
During whose reign did St Thomas come to India through north-west to
propagate Christianity?
(a) Menander
(b) Moga
(c) Gondophernes
(d) Vasudeva
Who among the following were the first to invade and rule over north-
western India?
(a) Scythians
(b) Bactrian Greeks
(c) Kushanas
(d) Parthians
Who among the following is considered as the most famous Saka ruler in
(a) Moga