(a) Patanjali
(b) Panini
(c) Vasishta
(d) Asvaghosha
Agnimitra, the second Sunga ruler, was the hero of a book written by
(a) Kalidasa
(b) Patanjali
(c) Asvaghosha
(d) Bana
Consider the statements about the Hathigumpha inscription and choose the
correct code that follows the statements?
(i) After Asokan edicts, it is the second inscription, the first being the
Nanaghat inscription by Naganika.
(ii) It proves that Jainism entered Orissa and probably became the state
religion within 100 years of the death of Mahavira.
(iii) It helps us in fixing third century AD for Kharavela.
(iv) This is the earliest inscription to mention an era known as ‘the Kala of
Raja Muriya’.
(a) All of them except (i) are correct
(b) All of them except (ii) are correct
(c) All of them except (iii) are correct
(d) All of them except (iv) are correct.
Some of the officials and their functions of the Satavahana time are given
below. Find which one of them is correctly matched.
(a) Bhandagarika—Royal stores-in-charge
(b) Amacha—Foreign affairs-in-charge
(c) Haranikas—Governurs
(d) Lekhakas—Finance Ministers
Which one of the following statements about Rome is not correct?
(a) Spices were carried to the Roman empire from India alone.
(b) Roman ladies wearing Indian muslins were considered a menace to the
city’s morals.
(c) Roman women wore Indian pearls on their shoes also.