(a) Grandh
(b) Gandh
(c) Gandhika
(d) Gandhara
The well-known trade route ‘Uttarapatha’ in the time of Kushanas was
running between the following two urban settlements
(a) Ujjain to Mathura
(b) Purushapura to Mathura
(c) Mathura to Taxila
(d) Purushapura to Taxila
Who came to India in search of great wealth of knowledge and literature in
ancient times?
(a) Chinese
(b) Sakas
(c) Kushanas
(d) Greeks
Which statement regarding trade and commerce in south India is not correct?
(a) The most profitable trade was with the Romans.
(b) According to Pliny the largest ship was of 75 tons.
(c) Some of the Tamil rulers employed yavana soldiers in the armies.
(d) A number of harbours, docks, light houses and custom houses came into
Which of the following is wrongly matched with regard to the number of
trades referred to in a number of works?
(a) Divyavadana—Three dozens
(b) Digha Nikaya—Two dozens
(c) Mahavastu—Thirty six
(d) Milinda Panho—Seventy five
What is the meaning of the Chinese word ‘Yuehchi’?
(a) Young people
(b) Asian tribe
(c) Moon tribe
(d) Sun tribe