who had owned 500 work shops?
(a) Carpenters’ guild
(b) Metal-workers’ guild
(c) Potters’ guild
(d) Painters’ guild
Which one of the following statements was incorrect about the practice of
usury in the period between 200 Be and AD 300?
(a) General rate of interest was 15 per cent.
(b) Money lent for sea trade often called for a higher rate of interest.
(c) The rate of interest varied depending upon the caste of the man to whom
money is lent.
(d) The upper caste persons were charged higher rate of interest than that of
lower caste persons.
What is the other name of the ‘Tocharians’ who came to India after the
disintegration of Mauryan empire?
(a) Indo-Greeks
(b) Sakas
(c) Parthians
(d) Kushanas
Who introduced caps and boots into India?
(a) Central Asians
(b) East Asians
(c) Chinese
(d) Greeks
The term yavanika meant
(a) foreign goods
(b) dancer
(c) curtain
(d) theatre
Which one of the following types of coins were used by Satavahanas in
maximum proportion?
(a) Gold
(b) Copper
(c) Lead