(b) Nigama
(c) Puga
(d) Sartha
What were the samvitapatras?
(a) Land charters issued to Brahmins by the rulers
(b) Agreements reached by the villagers
(c) Conventions arrived at by the individual merchants
(d) Conventions arrived at by the guilds of merchants
Who were the karamkaras?
(a) Leather workers
(b) Carpenters
(c) Wage earners
(d) Sweepers
Who among the following are not credited with issuing copper .coins on a
large scale?
(a) Nagas
(b) Yaudheyas
(c) Mitras
(d) Guptas
India was described as ‘the sole mother of precious stones’ by
(a) Strabo
(b) Pliny, the Elder
(c) Arrian
(d) Ptolemy
Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?
(a) Arrian—Indica
(b) Strabo—Periplus of the Erythrean Sea
(c) Pliny—Indicopleustes
(d) Anonymous Greek—Geography
Which one of the following was the most commonly used coin?
(a) Kakini
(b) Pana
(c) Karshapana
(d) Nishka