(a) Nero
(b) Augustus
(c) Pius
(d) Claudius
Read the following statements about Sangam age agriculture and identify the
one which is not correct:
(a) There were two classes of agriculturistspeople owning land and people
tilling the land.
(b) Famines and droughts were not infrequent.
(c) The practice of absentee landlordism, though prevalent, was looked down
(d) The tillers of land had an inferior social status.
Karikala constructed a great anicut on the river Kaveri, the water of which is
nowadays drawn off through a new channel called Vennar. Which region of
Tamil Nadu does it irrigate?
(a) South Arcot
(b) South Tanjavur
(c) West Madurai
(d) Chengalput
Which of the following statements is not a reason for the beginning of
civilisation in south India?
(a) The coming of Jaina and Buddhist missionaries made them aware of north
Indian material culture.
(b) The megalithic people moving from upland areas in to fertile river basins.
(c) The establishment of Roman contacts with south India.
(d) The spread of caste system under the influence of Aryans.
Consider the following lists:
      List I                                            List II
      (i) First sangam                                  89 Pandyas
      (ii) Second sangam                                59 Pandyas
      (iii) Third sangam                                49 Pandyas
Which of the above are correctly matched? Select the answer from the codes
(a) i and ii