(d) Iraiyanar Agapporul Urai
Which evidence places Sangam anthologies firmly in the first two centuries
of the Christian era?
(a) Murudam Inscription
(b) Arnattamali Inscription
(c) Kadungo Inscription
(d) Perundevanar Inscription
Which king is said to have scored victories over seven crown princes and a
local enemy in the Malabar coast and brought yavana traders captive?
(a) Nedenjeral Adan
(b) Udayanjeral
(c) Senguttuvan
(d) Aruhan Medu
Who was the father of Karikala Chola?
(a) Mandaranjeral
(b) Senganan
(c) Nedenjeral
(d) Ilanjetcenni
One of Karikala’s early achievements was his victory in a great battle at
Venni which is near modern
(a) Tanjore
(b) Madurai
(c) Quilon
(d) Kudalur
The victories of Karikala are well portrayed in
(a) Tirumudikkarai
(b) Aruvanad
(c) Pattinappalai
(d) Padirrupattu
Adimandi (daughter of Karikala) and Attan Atti (the Chera prince) mentioned
in the Silappadigaram are professionals in one field. Identify the field.
(a) Medicine
(b) Dance
(c) Poetry