Reason (R): Excavations at Arikamedu revealed a Roman settlement there.
According to tradition, one of the following is the father of Tamil literature
and was also the royal chaplain of the divine line of Pandyan rulers. Who is
(a) Brihaspati
(b) Agastya
(c) Tolkappiyar
(d) Agattiyar
Which book gives information about the extent of the Tamil country being
confined from Vengadam hill to Cape Comorin, by an inundation of the sea?
(a) Tolkappiyam
(b) Pattuppattu
(c) Kuruntogai
(d) Agananuru
Which is the grammar book for the first Sangam based on the narration in
Iraiyanar Agapporul Urai?
(a) Tolkappiyam
(b) Pannirupadalam
(c) Agattiyam
(d) Kakkaipadiniyam
From Sangam literature, we can reconstruct something like a genealogy of
which dynasty?
(a) Cholas
(b) Pandyas
(c) Cheras
(d) Pallavas
The earliest epigraphic reference to the kingdoms of the Tamil country after
the Asokan inscriptions is found in
(a) Hathigumpha Inscription of Kharavela
(b) Nasik Inscription of Gautamiputra Satakarni
(c) Nanaghat Inscription of Sri Satakarni
(d) Junagarh Inscription of Rudradaman I
From where do we get the earliest reference to the term sangam?
(a) Perimbanarruppadai