(a) Manimegalai
(b) Palamoli
(c) Aingurunuru
(d) Pattinappalai
Which of the following Roman kings, according to Strabo, is said to have
received an embassy sent by a Pandyan king in about 20 BC?
(a) Nero
(b) Cladius
(c) Augustus
(d) Pius
What was the early capital of the Cholas of the Sangam age?
(a) Puhar
(b) Uraiyur
(c) Tiruchinapalli
(d) Tanjore
Who is said to be the builder of the city of Puhar?
(a) Illango Vadigal
(b) Nedunjeliyan
(c) Karikala
(d) Nedenjeral
Who is said to be the first south Indian conqueror of Sri Lanka and to which
dynasty does he belong?
(a) Aditya—Cholas
(b) Nedunjeliyan—Cheras
(c) Senguttuvan—Pandyas
(d) Elara—Cholas
Which of the following Chera kings, known as the ‘Red Chera’, built a
temple dedicated to Kannagi?
(a) Nedenjeral Adan
(b) Senguttuvan
(c) Karikala
(d) Elara
What was the royal emblem of the Pandyas?
(a) Carp