conducted more by barter than by coins on account of the financial
difficulties of the Roman empire?
(a) Pius
(b) Augustus
(c) Nero
(d) Claudius
Identify the great poet who was a contemporary of the Chola king Karikala
and the Chera king Senguttuvan.
(a) Paranar
(b) Rudrasarman
(c) Kodungan
(d) Kapilar
The main cause of conflict between the Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas during
the Sangam age was
(a) the desire to control the fertile deltas
(b) the desire to control coastal region
(c) the need for access to important trading centres
(d) none of these
Who is said to be the first south Indian conqueror of Sri Lanka and to which
dynasty does he belong?
(a) Aditya—Gholas
(b) Nedunjeliya—Cheras
(c) Senguttuvan—Pandyas
(d) Elara—Gholas
In the Sangam Age, Devavrinda, a term used to describe a group of gods,
comprised which of the following gods?
(i) Murugan
(ii) Siva
(iii) Indra
(iv) Krishna
(v) Balram
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) i and ii
(b) iii and iv