Up to second century Be the upland portion of the southern peninsula was
inhabited by people who are called:
(a) Neolithic people
(b) Mesolithic people
(c) Chalcolithic people
(d) Megalithic people
The first sangam was presided over by
(a) Skanda
(b) Tolkappiyar
(c) Vasishta
(d) Agastya
Temple of Augustus was built at:
(a) Tondi
(b) Marakanam
(c) Kaveripattinam
(d) Muziris
The predominant burial practice of the Sangam age was:
(a) cremation
(b) partial burial
(c) pit burial
(d) inhumation
Which of the Asokan Major Rock Edicts tell us about the Sangam kingdoms?
(a) XIV
(b) V
(c) VII
(d) II
Name the Ceylonese king who was present on the occasion of the installation
of a temple to Kannagi
(a) Gajendrabahu
(b) Gajabahu
(c) Virabahu
(d) Tissa
The famous festival of the port city of Puhar is
(a) Perunal