and by elongating its main body upwards. Besides, plastic ornamentation was
added to the structure of the stupa. All this provided the stupa effective and
colourful appearance.
                           Pre– Gupta Schools of Art
 School of Area/Region Nature             Patrons         Medium      Themes
 Gandhara  N.W. India  Hybrid; Indo       Indo-Greeks     Black Stone Mahayana
                       Greek              & Kushans                   Buddhism
 Mathura   Agra &      Indigenous;        Ganarajyas &    Red         Hinduism,
           Mathura     Bharhut & Sanchi   Kushans         Sandstone   Buddhism &
 Amaravati Lower       Indigenous;        Satvahanas &    Marble &    Mahayana
           Krishna     Nagarjuna-         Ikshvakus       Limestone Buddism
           Valley      Konda
     The main theme of Gandhara school can be said to be the new form of
Buddhism, viz. Mahayanism, and its most important contribution was the
evolution of an image of the Buddha.