• Aingurunuru, compiled by Gudahir Kilar, consists of 500 erotic
    • Narrinai comprises 400 short poems on love.
    • Agananuru, compiled by Rudrasarman, consists of 400 love lyrics of
        varying length.
    • Kurunttogai has 400 love poems.
    • Purananuru consists of 400 poems in praise of kings.
    • Kalittogai comprises 150 love poems.
    • Paripadal has 24 poems in praise of gods.
    • Padirrupattu is a short collection of 8 poems in praise of the Chera
    Together they constitute a very large body of poetic literature, containing
2,282 poems, ascribed to more than 200 authors.
Pattuppattu (Ten Idylls)
Murugarruppadai (by Nakkirar), Sirupanarruppadai (by Nattattanar),
Perumbanarruppadai, Maduraikkanji (by Mangudi Marudam), Pattinappalai
(by Kannan), and other works, come in this category. While the first one is
revered by the devotees of Murugan, the rest are cherished by the historians
for the historical information they contain. These are longer poems than those
of the anthologies.
  The poetry in the Eight Anthologies as well as the Ten Idylls was divided
  into two main groups. Agam (love) which dealt with the internal and
  puram (everything except love) which dealt with the external. A further
  division according to the five regions (tinai) of Tamil land is as follows:
  (a) kurinji (hills), (b) palai (dry lands), (c) mullai (jungle and woodland),
  (d) marudam (cultivated plains), and (e) neydal (coast). Each region was
  associated with some special aspect of love (agam) or war (puram) and
  every poem was classified into one of the five sections.
Padinenkilkanakku (Eighteen Minor Works)
These works are called ‘minor works’ not because their significance is minor,