(a) Tissarakkha
(b) Asandhimitta
(c) Padmavati
(d) Divyatejita
Which book states Bindusara as an anointed Kshatriya?
(a) Mahabhashya
(b) Divyavadana
(c) Mahavamsa
(d) Maghadutam
‘We neither oppose the prince, ‘nor the king, but the wicked ministers who
oppress us.’ These words were stated by
(a) the people of Ujjain
(b) the people of Taxila
(c) the Mahamattas
(d) the Rajukas
Asoka says: ‘The people who behaved well would attain —.’
(a) siddha sila
(b) moksha
(c) nirvana
(d) svarga
The mantriparishad played a very important role in the Mauryan period.
Which one of the following is incorrect about its functions?
(a) To decide matters in the absence of the king
(b) To keep a watch on the conduct of war
(c) To implement the decisions taken by the king and the parishad
(d) To keep a vigil on the entire administration
Which material was extensively used in the construction work during the
Mauryan Age?
(a) Wood
(b) Burnt bricks
(c) Stone
(d) Sun-dried bricks
Which of the following helped        in the spread of material culture under