(b) Minor Rock Edicts
(c) Tarai Pillars
(d) Kalinga Inscriptions
Who among the following started the general use of stone for monuments?
(a) Chandragupta Maurya
(b) Bimbisara
(c) Bindusara
(d) Asoka
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) Prices were controlled to prevent too great a profit on the part of the
(b) The percentage of profit is generally fixed.
(c) There was a well-developed banking system.
(d) The rate of interest on borrowed money varied between fifteen and sixty
per cent per annum.
Tamil poets speak of Mauryan chariots thundering across the land, their
pennants brilliant in the sunshine. What was the colour of the pennants?
(a) White
(b) Blue
(c) Saffron
(d) Yellow
Asoka mentions various contemporaries in one of his inscriptions with whom
he exchanged missions, diplomatic and otherwise. Which of the following is
not one of them?
(a) Antiochus II Theos
(b) Gondophernes
(c) Ptolemy III Philadelphus
(d) Antigonus Gonatus
Which one of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) Puranas, and Buddhist and Jaina.literature give information about
(b) There is a lot of disagreement in the information about Mauryas in
different sources.
(c) All the Puranas do not agree even on a single point about Mauryas.