(a) Samharta
(b) Sthanika
(c) Rajuka
(d) Gopa
Who among the following looked after judicial administration in the urban
(a) Mahmatras
(b) Nagarikas
(c) Yuktas
(d) Rajukas
Which of the following classes is conspicuous by its absence in the list of
seven classes given by Megasthenes for India?
(a) Cultivators
(b) Traders
(c) Philosophers
(d) Artisans
Which major rock edict contains a summary as well as an explanation of
Asoka’s dhamma?
(a) First
(b) Fifth
(c) Tenth
(d) Eleventh
How many spokes are there in the dham-machakra symbol adopted from the
capital of the Sarnath Pillar of Asoka by the Indian Government as part of its
state emblem and also as the chakra of the national flag?
(a) Fifteen
(b) Twenty
(c) Twenty-four
(d) Thirty-six
Which of the following Buddhist stupas is said to have been originally built
in brick by Asoka?
(a) Sanchi stupa
(b) Bharhut stupa
(c) Amaravati stupa