This epigraphic evidence was corroborated by
(b) Dipavamsa
(c) Culavamsa
(d) Mahavamsa
Who was the minister to help Asoka in the war of succession against his
(a) Vishnugupta
(b) Radhagupta
(c) Vasugupta
(d) Upagupta
Which Ceylonese ruler is said to have modelled himself on the lines of
(a) Mahabali
(b) Veerasinghe
(c) Tissa
(d) Ranasinghe
Under the influence of which Buddhist monk did Asoka become an ardent
supporter of Buddhism?
(a) Upagupta
(b) Upali
(c) Radhagupta
(d) Nagasena
After Asoka the Mauryan empire came to be divided into western and eastern
parts. During the reign of which later Mauryan ruler was there a reunification
of the two parts?
(a) Dasaratha
(b) Salisuka
(c) Brihadratha
(d) Samprati
Which major rock edict of Asoka clearly stressed the importance of efficient
organisation of administration?
(a) First
(b) Fourth
(c) Sixth
(d) Eight