In which major rock edict did Asoka mention officers who have amongst
their other functions the superintending of welfare of the families of his
brothers, sisters and other relations?
(a) II
(b) III
(c) V
(d) VII
Who among the sons of Asoka was the only one to be mentioned by name in
the edicts?
(a) Mahendra
(b) Tivara
(c) Kunala
(d) Jalauka
Who is the queen of Asoka, mentioned in the Queen’s Edict, as making
religious and charitable donations?
(a) Asandhimitta
(b) Padmavati
(c) Vidisamahadevi
(d) Karuvaki
Charumati, one of the daughter’s of Asoka, married Devapala, a Kshatriya of
(a) Ceylon
(b) Nepal
(c) Vanga
(d) Kamarupa
In which edict did Asoka refer to himself as the ‘King of Magadha’, a title
which he used only on one occasion?
(a) Bhabra Edict
(b) Maski Edict
(c) Barabar Cave Edict
(d) Gujarra Edict
Of all the events of Buddhism mentioned in the Buddhist sources, the only
one that appears to be corroborated by the inscriptions of Asoka is that of the:
(a) holding of the Third Buddhist Council
(b) sending of Buddhist missionaries     to different parts of the world