(c) I-A, II-C, 111-D, IV-B
(d) I-B, II-C, 111-D, IV-A
Dauvarika of the Mauryan period was the
(a) Warden of the Palace
(b) Controller of Royal Household
(c) Jail Superintendent
(d) Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs
At Jaugada and Dhauli in Orissa, two separate edicts, known as the Kalinga
Edicts, replace three of the fourteen Major Rock Edicts. Which are the
missing edicts?
(a) MREs I, II and III
(b) MREs IV, V and VI
(c) MREs XI, XII and XIII
(d) MREs VII, VIII and IX
Which one of the following Asokan Edicts is known as the Queen’s Edict?
(a) Major Pillar Edict V
(b) Minor Pillar Edict III
(c) Minor Pillar Edict I
(d) Major Pillar Edict II
Markets for commodities in the Mauryan period were known as
(a) kharavatika
(b) vahikpatha
(c) pradesa
(d) panyapattana
Match List I with List II and select the answer using the codes given below
the lists:
         List I                List II
      (I) Antiyoka          (A) Alexander of Epirus
      (II) Antikini         (B) Antiochus II Theos of Syria
      (III) Alikasudara     (C) Antigonus Gonatas of Macedonia
      (IV) Maka             (D) Magas of Cyrene
      (V) Turamaya          (E) Ptolemy II Philadelphus of Egypt