Sacred Majesty among all his neighbours as
In which Major Rock Edict is this found?
(a) IV
(b) VI
(c) IX
(d) XIII
Which one of the following places have the copies of the Major as well as
Minor Pillar Edicts?
(a) Sanchi
(b) Allahabad
(c) Sarnath
(d) Rummindei
The fourteen Major Rock Edicts of Asoka located at Shahbazgarhi and
Manshera are in
(a) Kharoshti script
(b) Aramaic script
(c) Greek script
(d) Brahmi script
Where is Dasaratha’s Nagarjuni Hill Cave Inscription located?
(a) Junagarh
(b) Nagarjuna Konda
(c) Barabar
(d) Rajagriha
Who among the following kings is said to have conquered ‘the land between
the two seas’?
(a) Asoka
(b) Chandragupta Maurya
(c) Bindusara
(d) Ahatsatru
The colour of the pennants of the Mauryan chariots was
(a) white
(b) blue
(c) red
(d) green
Who was responsible for building    a dam across a river near Girnar in western