Lomas Rishi caves
Contemporary Greek writers refer to the magnificent palaces and halls in the
capital city of Pataliputra and regard them as the finest and the grandest in the
world. Even Fahien, the Chinese pilgrim who visited India in the fourth
century AD, was wonder struck by the Mauryan edifices. All of them have
perished, but in recent times excavations have laid bare their ruins, the most
wonderful being those of the hundred-pillared hall.
 Pataliputra was the ancient name for the present-day city of Patna (which
 was adopted in the reign of Sher Shah Suri). The old name is believed to
 derive from Patali, meaning Trumpet Flower, which was the name of King
 Putraka’s wife.
 Assembly Hall of 80-pillars
 During the excavation work carried out between 1912-1915, by D. B.
 Spooner, one pillar of polished stone, and a very large number of