famine relief.
Maski (Minor Rock Edict 1) Maski is located in the Raichur district of
Nigali-Sagar (Pillar Inscription) The purpose of erecting a pillar at
Nigali-Sagar is clear from the inscription. It was originally situated near the
stupa of Buddha Konakamana to record, first the enlargement of the stupa
and later Asoka’s visit to the site. It is now near Rummindei, in Nepal.
Nittur Located in the Bellary district of Karnataka, it is the site of Minor
Rock Edicts I and II.
Palkigundu (Minor Rock Edict 1) It lies at a distance of four miles from
Pangudariya It is the site of the Minor Rock Edict 1. It is located in the
Shehore district of MP.
Rajula-Mandagiri (Minor Rock Edicts I and II) This site is included in
the southern group of inscriptions not far from Yerragudi in AP.
Rampurva (pillar Edicts I-VI) Rampurva is located thirty two miles north
of Bettiah in northern Bihar.
Rummindei (Pillar Inscription) The Rummindei Pillar stands near the
shrine of Rummindei just across the border of Nepal. The pillar was erected
by Asoka to commemorate the birthplace of the Buddha, the Lumbini grove.
Rupanath (Minor Rock Edict 1) Rupanath is located on the Kaimur hills
near Saleemabad in Madhya Pradesh. The route from Allahabad (Prayaga) to
Broach must certainly have passed via Rupanath.
Sahasram (Minor Rock Edict 1) It is located in the Shahabad district of
Bihar, ninety miles south-west of Patna.
Sannati Located in Karnataka, it is the site of all the fourteen Major Rock
Edicts as well as the two separate Kalinga Edicts.
Sanchi (Schism Edict) The modern name of Sanchi was given to the site at
a comparatively late period, since it was known as Kakanadabota, from the
Buddhist period to that of the Guptas. It is located near Bhopal, a few miles
from Bhilsa, believed to be the ancient Vidisa.
Sarnath (Pillar Inscription, Schism Edict addressed to the mahamattas):
The location of Sarnath is three-and-a-half      miles from Banaras.