governor of Chandragupta. Subsequently
to the surrounding area until well into the Gupta period.
Gujarra (Minor Rock Edict 1) Gujarra is located near Jhansi in the Datia
district of MP.
Jatinga-Ramesvar (Minor Rock Edicts I and II) This site lies about three
miles from Brahmagiri and the inscription belongs to the Mysore group.
Jaugada (Major Rock Edicts, similar to the Dhauli version) The
inclusion of the two separate Edicts among the Jaugada series would point to
its being within Kalinga. The two separate Edicts are addressed to the
mahamattas of Sarnapa, which was probably the name of the town in the
Mauryan period.
Kalsi (Major Rock Edicts) The town of Kalsi lies at the junction of the
Tons and Yamuna rivers in north-western UP.
Kandahar        (Minor     Rock      Edicts,          Bilingual Greek-Aramaic
Inscription) The site of the bilingual inscription is Shar-i-Kuna, the old
city of Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. The presence of a sizeable Greek-
speaking population is attested to by the fact that the Edict is in Greek as well
as Aramaic.
Lampaka (Aramaic inscription) The Lampaka Aramaic Inscription, now
in the Kabul museum, was found at the site of Lampaka or Lambaka
generally identified with the modern Lamghan on the northern bank of the
Kabul river near Jalalabad. The inscription has been connected with the
Asokan period on the basis of the text referring to the setting up of a pillar
inscription by Devanampriya.
Lauriya-Araraj (Pillar Edicts I-VI) The pillar is situated at this site in
northern Bihar.
Lauriya-Nandangarh (pillar Edicts I-VI) is also in northern Bihar close
to the Nandangarh and to the above site.
Mahasthan (pre-Asokan Mauryan Inscription) The inscription was
found at Mahasthangarh in the Bogra district of Bangladesh. The site was
probably the headquarters of the local administrator (of the eastern section of
the empire), its name during that period having been Pundranagara, as is
mentioned in the inscription. The mahamatta of Pundranagara is described as
being in charge of measures for