Pillar Edict III, commemorates a gift from one of Asoka’s queens, and it is
therefore more generally known as the Queen’s Edict. Finally, two pillar
inscriptions have been found in Nepal, one near the temple of Rummindei,
the birthplace of the Buddha, the other near a large tank called Nigali Sagar
or Nigliva where the remains of Kanakamuni, who is counted among the
former Buddhas, are enshrined. Asoka also erected many uninscribed pillars,
but, as in the case of the edict pillars, only a small number has survived.
    The Asokan Cave Edicts are found in three of the four caves carved in the
granite of the Barabar Hills in Bihar; the fourth contains an inscription from
the fifth century AD. Two of the three Asokan inscriptions dedicate the caves
as dwelling places for the monks of the Ajivika sect. Three other caves, in
another part of the Barabar Hills        known as Nagarjuni Hill, also contain