Shahbazgarhi, Manshera and Kandahar). Of these, seven recensions are in
Prakrit and Brahmi, two are in Prakrit and Kharoshti and one in Greek. Not
all of them now contain all the fourteen edicts. In two places (Dhauli and
‘Jaugada) Rock Edicts XI, XII and XIII were replaced by two separate
Kalinga Edicts. These two edicts have been found also at another site
    Three minor rock edicts of Asoka, written in Prakrit and Brahmi are
known to us. Of these the first Minor Rock Edict, written in Prakrit and
Brahmi, has been discovered at seventeen places (Safiasram, Rupanath,
Gujarra, Pangudariya, Ahraura, Bahapur near Delhi, Bairat, Brahmagiri,
Siddapur, Jatinga-Ramesvar, Maski, Gavimath, Palkigundu, Nittur,
Udegolam, Yerragudi and Rajula Mandagiri). Again, of these localities,
seven (Brahmagiri, Sjddapur, Jatinga-Ramesvar, Nittur, Udegolam,
Yerragudi and Rajula Mandagiri) have yielded the second Minor Rock Edict
along with the first Minor Rock Edict. In addition, another edict, known as
the third Minor Rock Edict, has been found at Bairat.
    It is interesting to note that the name ‘Asoka’ is explicitly mentioned in
only three recenssions of the first Minor Rock Edict (at Maski, Gujarra and
Nittur) and two versions of the second minor rock edict (at Nittur and
Udegolam). In the majority of these editions the emperor is also mentioned as
Priyadarsi and/or Devanampriya. Either or both of these epithets apear in the
rest of his epigraphs.
    The Major Pillar Edicts are a series of six edicts inscribed on monolithic
pillars which have been found in five placesat Meerut (transported to Delhi in
the fourteenth century) and Kausambi (transported to Allahabad at an
unknown date) in Uttar Pradesh and at Lauriya Araraj, Lauriya-Nandangarh,
and Rampurva in Bihar. A sixth pillar, inscribed with a seventh edict as well
as those found on the other pillars, was erected at Topra in east Punjab and
was transported to Delhi in the 14th century. The texts of the first six edicts
are almost identical.
    The Allahabad Pillar, which was originally erected at Kausambi (modem
Kosam), is inscribed with two additional edicts. The first, which is called
Minor Pillar Edict I, is also found at Sanchi near Bhopal and at Samath in
Uttar Pradesh. The inscription is not well-preserved in all the three places,
and there is considerable variation   in the texts. The Samath Pillar is inscribed