(d) All of them
The concept of the Trimurti (triad) was promulgated during the
(a) Maurya period
(b) post-Maurya period
(c) Gupta period
(d) post-Gupta period
Which of the following are regarded as the terror inspiring attendants of
Rudra or Siva?
(a) Asuras
(b) Bhairavas
(c) Nagas
(d) Vetalas
Which one of the following Vaishnava cults was closely associated with
(a) Vaikhanasa cult
(b) Ramavat cult
(c) Nimavat cult
(d) Pancharatra cult
Which one of the following philosophies is also known as Bhedebheda?
(a) Dvaitavada
(b) Advaitavada
(c) Visishtadvaitavada
(d) Dvaitadvaitavada
Which one of the following Saiva cults is the only one to link liberation with
the attainment of supernatural powers?
(a) Pasupata
(b) Virasaiva
(c) Agamanta
(d) Aghori
The members of which Saiva sect are buried in a sitting position facing
(a) Lingayat
(b) Pasupata
(c) Gorakhnathi