(c) Besnagar Pillar Inscription
(d) Barabar Cave Inscription
What was the most important tenet of the Pancharatra cult?
(a) Avatara or incarnatory theory
(b) Vyuha or emanatory theory
(c) Karma or right action theory
(d) Bhakti or devotion theory
The authoritative texts of Saiva Siddhanta or Agamanta Saivism consist of
(i) four Vedas
(ii) 28 Saiva Agamas
(iii) 12 Timurai
(iv) 14 Saiva Siddhanta Sastras
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) All of them
(b) i, ii and iii
(c) ii, iii and iv
(d) i, iii and iv
Who among the following did not belong to Kashmiri Saivism?
(a) Soma nand a
(b) Vasugupta
(c) Lakulisa
(d) Abhinava Gupta
The history of the Suryavamsi and Chandra-vamsi (Solar and Lunar
dynasties) is found in the
(a) Epics
(b) Smritis
(c) Puranas
(d) ltihasas
Which one of the following do not belong to the same category?
(a) Apsaras
(b) Yoginis
(c) Sakinis
(d) Dakinis