Chamundaraya, who put up the famous statue of Bahubali or Gomantesvara
at Sravana Belgola in AD 982 was a minister in the court of
(a) Rachamalla—a western Ganga ruler
(b) Vishnuvardhan—a Hoyasala ruler
(c) Kakutsavarman—a Kadamba ruler
(d) Bijjalaraya—a western Chalukya ruler
Consider the following statements Ramayana is:
(i) considerably larger than the Mahabharata.
(ii) consisting of seven books, the first and seventh being the latest.
(iii) written, according to tradition, by sage Valmiki.
(iv) historically older than Mahabharata.
Of these
(a) All are true
(b) i, ii and iii are true
(c) ii and iii are true
(d) iii and iv are true
Which one of the following goddesses is supposed to dwell in garlands, worn
to ensure prosperity, good fortune and victory?
(a) Sarasvati
(b) Sri
(c) Parvati
(d) Aditi
Who was the founder of the Pancharatra cult of Vaishnavism?
(a) Sandilya
(b) Kasyapa
(c) Kaundinya
(d) Matanga
Vadagalai and Tengalai were
(a) the sacred texts of the Alvars and Nayanars.
(b) the legendary sages of Vaikhanasa cult.
(c) the founders of the Kapalika and Kalamukha sects.
(d) the northern and southern branches of the Srivaishnavas.
Which one of the following Saiva cults was the earliest?
(a) Kapalikas