(d) Syadvada
Posadha in Jainism meant
(a) penances by Jainas to confess their sins, if any, at the end of the year
(b) fasting by Jaina lay members on full and new moon days
(c) initiation ceremony for admitting new members
(d) punishments given to violators of the code of conduct
Samachari, which deals with the rules for the Jaina monks, is found in the
(a) Chedasutra
(b) Mulasutra
(c) Kalpasutra
(d) Nandisutra
In the Jaina classification of all living things (Jiva), ants are put in the ______
sensed category
(a) five
(b) four
(c) three
(d) two
Pudgala in Jainism meant
(a) soul
(b) matter
(c) space
(d) virtue
In the Jaina classification of the one-sensed beings, the vegetable, earth,
water, wind and fire bodies have only the sense of:
(a) sight
(b) taste
(c) smell
(d) touch
What is the avasarpini or descending order of the following six periods of the
Jaina cosmic cycle?
(i) Duhsama
(ii) Susama
(iii) Duhsama-Susama
(iv) Susama-Duhsama