(c) Pratyeka Buddha
(d) Bodhisattva
Consider the following lists:
         List I                       List II
      (i) Dharmakaya               Body of Essence
      (ii) Sambhogakaya            Body of Bliss
      (iii) Nirmanakaya            Body of Magic Transformation
Which of the above are correctly paired? Select the answer from the codes
given below:
(a) i and ii
(b) ii and iii
(c) i and iii
(d) All of them
Who among the following was the younger brother of Asanga, the famous
philosopher and logician of the Vijnanavadin school?
(a) Vasumitra
(b) Vasugupta
(c) Vasubandhu
(d) Dignaga
The famous Om mani padme hum was
(a) a sacred text of the Vajrayana school
(b) an initiation ceremony of Vajrayanism
(c) the most important mantra of the Vajrayana ritual
(d) the most complicated yantra of Vajrayanism
Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Amitabha—Book
(b) Avalokitesvara—Lotus
(c) Manjusri—Sword
(d) Vajrapani—Thunder bolt
Which one of the following texts of Mahayana Buddhism propounded all the
major doctrines of the sect and is considered as the most important of all?
(a) Lalitavistara
(b) Saddharmapundarika