List I                                           List II
      (Personalities)                                   (Relationship with
      (i) Chutka the Lichchhavi ruler of Vaisali (A) Father
      (ii) Siddhartha, the head of the Jnatrika         (B) Mother
      (iii) Chellana, the Liehehhavi princess           (C) Wife
      (iv) Trisala, another Liehehhavi                  (D) Maternal uncle
      i ii iii iv
(a) A D B E
(b) D A B C
(c) E A C B
(d) D A E B
Which one of the six traditional schools of Hindu philosophy closely
resembles the Jaina philosophy?
(a) Nyaya
(b) Samkhya
(c) Mimamsa
(d) Vaisesika
Who among the following Brahmanieal gods have been included by the later
day Jainas in the list of 63 So/aka Purushas or eminent per-sonalities who
influence the history of the world in different ways?
(i) Indra
(ii) Vasudeva Krishna
(iii) Balarama
(iv) Agni
Select the answer from the codes below:
(a) All of them
(b) i and ii
(c) ii and iii