to some extent are antagonistic to the others,
     The unfolding of a new world commences only when purusha and
prakriti associate (samyuga) whereupon prakriti begins the long process of
     Initially the Samkhya system was atheistic. However under the influence
of the roga system with which it later coalesced, it became theistic.
Yoga is a theistic system having many similarities to Samkhya. It accepts
most of Samkhm epistemology, and also the view that individual souls
emerge from the Universal Soul. roga applies Samkhya teaching to everyday
life, as the Svetasmtam Upanishad states: ‘Samkhyva is knowledge, Yoga is
     The Yoga Sutras are attributed to Patanjali. The eight steps of yogic
practice are (1) restraint (varna), (2) discipline (niyama), (3) the adoption of a
comfortable position (asana), the most usual being the padmasana, (4) the
technique of breath control (pranayama), (5) withdrawal of the senses
(pratyahara), (6) concentration (dharana), (7) uninterrupted meditation
(dhyana), and (8) total absorption (samadhi).
     In Yoga philosophy the Supreme Being is eternal. able to bring about the
association of the eternal divine principles or prakriti and purusha which
results in the unfolding of the cosmic process.
     Yoga has taught that there are many more levels of consciousness than is
generally realised, and that only when these levels are actually experienced
can man achieve his full physical and psychical potential.
Initially this was an atheistic system attributed to the legendary sage Kanada
(also known as Uluka) and was based on the Vaisesika Sutra (AD 100).
     The early Vaiseosika promulgated an atomistic account of the universe. It
was based on the concept that everything in the world (except soul,
consciousness, time, space and mind) is composed of various combinations
of atoms which remain after a material object has been reduced to its smallest
     When the Vaisesika merged with the Nyaya system, it became theistic
through the introduction of the concept of God to explain how the world and
everything in it arises from different  combinations of eternal atoms.