possible he will not destroy even the bodies of
leave this to the lay supporters who supply him with food.
Rules for Monastic Discipline
    •   The monk will not eat potatoes or other root vegetables, since these
        contain large colonies of plant-lives.
    • He strains his drinking water, in order to do as little harm as possible
        to the soul within it.
    • He wears a face-cloth, rather like a surgeon’s mask, to ensure that he
        does not cause serious injury to the wind-lives in the air he breathes.
    • He will not run or stamp his feet, lest he harms the soul in earth and
        stones, or destroy small insects.
    • He refrains from all quick and jerky movements for fear of injuring
        the soul in the air.
    Thus a monk’s whole life must be circumspect and thoroughly regulated.
Buddhism demands similar circumspection on the part of its monks, though
not taken to such extreme lengths.
    Jainism differs from Buddhism in that its layfolk are expected to submit
themselves to a more rigid discipline and are given more definite and regular
care by the Jaina clergy. The layman should in theory spend full and
newmoon days in fasting and penance at a Jaina monastery (basadi). Few
modern Jainas keep these fastdays, called posadha, in so rigorous a form,
except at the end of the Jaina year, usually in July, when there takes place a
sort of Jaina Lent, called paryusana, which lasts for eight days for the
Svetambaras and for fifteen for the Digambaras. The year ends with a
general penance in which all good Jainas, monks and laymen alike, are
expected to confess their sins, pay their debts, and ask forgiveness of their
neighbours for any offences, whether intentional or unintentional.
    According to Jaina philosophy there is no god or creator. Man’s salvation
from suffering does not depend upon the mercy of any god or creator. Man is
the architect of his own destiny. By leading an austere life of purity, virtue,
and noble thinking and action, one can escape the ills of life. Life of
renunciation is the shortest way to salvation.
Jaina Cosmic Cycles