Theravali, a list of schools (ganas) and their heads (ganadharas). The third
section contains the Samachari or the rules for the ascetics or Jaina monks.
Jaina Philosophy
Jainism shows a close affinity with Samkhya system of philosophy. It was
called Syadvada. According to Syadvada (the theory of may be), seven
modes of predication (saptabhangi) are possible. Closely related to the
Syadvada is Nayavada (the doctrine of view point’s), which shows the seven
ways of approaching an object of knowledge or study. The above two
doctrines of Jainism are often together called the Anekantavada (the doctrine
of many-sidedness).
                        Jain Understanding of Reality
    Jainism has a theory of reality also. According to it the world consists of
two eternal, uncreated, coexisting but independent categories, namely the
conscious (jiva) and the unconscious (ajiva). The conscious being
corresponds to the soul. It knows     and feels. It acts and is acted upon. It