22. Arishtanemi or Nemi (cousin of Krishna)—conch
23. Parsva—hooded serpent, and
24. Mahavira—lion.
  Mahavira’s Life and Preachings
  Vardhamana, who later became mahavira (Great Hero) or jina (Conqueror),
  was born as the second son in 540 BC at Kundagram near Vaisali. His father
  —Siddhartha was the head of a Kshatriya clan called the Jnatrikas; and his
  mother Trisala was the sister of Chetaka, the most famous of the Lichchhavi
  princes and ruler of Vaisali. As king Bimbisara of Magadha had married
  Chellana, the daughter of Chetaka, Mahavira was related to the Haryanka
  dynasty of Magadha. He was married to Yasoda, by whom he had a daughter,
      He became an ascetic at the age of 30 after the death of his parents. For
  two years he was a member of