Great renunciation—horse
  Nirvana—bodhi tree
  First Sermon—dharmachakra or wheel
  Parinirvana or death—stupa
  No.    Events in the                            Symbols
         Buddha"s Life
  1     Birth          Elephant
                       Foot Print (newly born child)
  2     Great          Horse
        Renunciation Begging Bowl
                       Gandhi Kuti
                       Empty Throne
  3     Enlightenment Bodhi Tree
                       Vajra Asana
  4     Teachings      Dharmmachakra
        (Sermon)       Lion–The Buddha"s reachings are referred as the
                       "The Great roar of the Lion"
                       Deer–First sermon at deer park [Foot Print–It
                       symbolise that many a places were purified as the
                       Buddha went there by walk.
  5     Parinirvana    Stupa
Buddha’s Teachings
He advocated not a set of doctrines or dogmas but a rational scheme of
spiritual development. He rejected the infallibility of the Vedas, condemned
the bloody animal sacrifices, protested against the complicated, elaborate and
meaningless rituals, challenged the caste system and the priestly supremacy
and maintained an agnostic attitude towards god.
His Four Noble Truths (Chatvari             Arya Satyani)