The Vatsa or Vamsa kingdom was situated on the banks of the Jamuna river.
Its capital Kausambi was located near modern Allahabad. Udayana
strengthened his political supremacy by entering into matrimonial alliances
with the powerful rulers of Avanti, Magadha and Anga. Udayana’s son and
successor, Bedhi Kumara, was a weak and an imbecile ruler. He was unable
to defend the kingdom. Later, during the reign of Palaka, Vatsa was annexed
to the Avanti kingdom.
Avanti is identified with modern Malwa, Nimar and part of Madhya Pradesh.
The river Vetravati divided Avanti into north and south. Territorially, it was a
big kingdom and its capital was Ujjayini or modern Ujjain. During the
lifetime of Buddha, Chanda Pradyota Mahasena was ruling Avanti. He made
himself very powerful by marrying Vasavadatta, daughter of Udayana.
Pradyota’s might was a constant source of threat to other kingdoms. He
became one of the pivots of Buddhism and his capital flourished with
numerous Buddhist activities. The successors of Pradyota were weak and
worthless. Nothing much is