(d) The early Aryan led the life of a huntergatherer.
In ancient India a boy was considered an animal till he underwent
(a) upanayana samskara
(b) vidhyarambba samskara
(c) jatakarma samskara
(d) parinaya samskara
Based on—evidence, Eurasia is regarded as the original home of Aryans.
(a) Racial
(b) Philological
(c) Archaeological
(d) Anthropological
Which of the following was not a distinguished tribe of early Vedic age?
(a) Kurus
(b) Matsyas
(c) Bharatas
(d) Krivis
In the Rig Vedic age Aryans could
(a) read
(b) write
(c) read and write
(d) neither read nor write
Which of the following regions are not known to even the later Vedic people?
(a) The two seas
(b) The entire Gangetic valley
(c) The Kaveri delta
(d) The Vindhyas and its immediate south
The Brahmanas are
(a) commentaries on Aranyakas dealing with philosophical speculation.
(b) manuals relating to ceremonies and sacrifices.
(c) manuals in poetry in praise of gods.
(d) original texts of Samtfitas.
Which of the following crimes is/are not mentioned in the Rig Veda?
(i) Incest
(ii) Conjugal Infidelity