Of these
(a) All are false
(b) i and ii are false
(c) iii and iv are false
(d) Only iv is false
What difficulty is being faced by historians to comment on the Aryan
expansion in India?
(a) Paucity of archaeological remains
(b) Lack of literary evidence
(c) Lack of numismatic evidence to corroborate
(d) Inaccessibility of the places of their habitation
Arrange the following professionals from the most important to the least with
respect to social status:
(i) Tanner
(ii) Chariot-maker
(iii) Carpenter
(iv) Metal worker
Select the answer from the codes given below:
(a) ii, iv, iii and i
(b) iv, ii, iii and i
(c) iii, iv, i and ii
(d) ii, i, iii and iv
Aryans cleared the forests in the initial stages with the help of
(a) iron axe
(b) fire
(c) animals
(d) copper axe
The Dasyus were probably
(a) aborigines
(b) untouchables
(c) a group of Aryans
(d) Harappans
Which of the following is not correct about early Vedic period?
(a) The cow was held sacred.