The Aryans were active and optimistic people, who prayed to their gods for
granting them the following, except one. What is that?
(a) Long life
(b) Worldly prosperity
(c) Brave sons
(d) Beautiful daughters
Which of the following is not correct about ancient society?
(a) The later Smritis state that the son of an Aryan priest and a Sudra mother
would be of the rank of a nisada.
(b) The son of a Sudra father and an Aryan mother would be a chandala.
(c) The Sudras enjoyed a relatively better position in society during the early
Vedic period than any later period.
(d) There was the practice of untouchability in Vedic age which discredited
the Hindu society.
Who is the most anthropomorphically represented god in the Vedic
(a) Varuna
(b) Indra
(c) Agni
(d) Vishnu
Which part of the Rig Veda gives an account of the origin of the Universe?
(a) Mandala II
(b) Mandala V
(c) Mandala VII
(d) Mandala X
The information regarding the conflict between Aryans and Dasas figures
prominently in the
(a) Atharva Veda
(b) Yajur Veda
(c) Rig Veda
(d) Sama Veda
Read the following statements:
(i) Rig Vedic women were allowed to study the Vedas.
(ii) Some of them composed Vedic       hymns.