(a) i-D, ii-A, iii-E, iv-C
(b) i-E, ii-D, iii-C, iv-B
(c) i-A, ii-E, iii-B, iv-D
(d) i-E, ii-D, iii-A, iv-C
Who among the following women is not mentioned to have attained the rank
of a rishi in Rig Veda?
(a) Viswavara
(b) Apala
(c) Arundhati
(d) Ghosha
Consider the following statements: In the Rig Vedic age
(i) there was no purdah system.
(ii) women often performed sati.
(iii) girls were given in marriage only after puberty.
(iv) girls some times had on their own chosen their husbands.
Of these
(a) i and ii only are true
(b) ii and iii only are true
(c) i, ii and iii are true
(d) i, iii and iv are true
Which one of the following narrates the Aryanisation of eastern India by a
king named Videgha Madhava?
(a) Aitareya Brahmana
(b) Tandyamaha Brahmana
(c) Jaiminiya Brahmana
(d) Satapatha Brahmana
Whose story gives that the leg that was cut off in a battle was replaced with
an iron one, which indicates some progress in surgery?
(a) Manu
(b) Vispata
(c) Purukutsa
(d) Sudas
‘Let those whose deity is phallus not penetrate our sanctuary.’ This statement
is recorded in which mandala of    the Rig Veda?