soma, would you impart to me endless wealth’. This shows the
(a) occupational preferences of the people.
(b) ocjectives behind worship of the gods.
(c) uncertainly of people in choosing professions.
(d) social mobility prevalent among the people.
The Rig Vedic samanas were probably
(a) religious gatherings discussing various metaphysical aspects.
(b) popular institutions conducting different types of tournaments.
(c) ascetics renouncing worldly pursuits and highlighting other worldliness.
(d) skirmishes taking place among the various Aryan tribes.
How many times is the word varna used in the Rig Veda in the sense of a
birth-based social division?
(a) Ten
(b) Five
(c) Once
(d) Nil
Consider the following lists:
          List I                                         List II
      (i) Brahmin                                      Face
      (ii) Kshatriya                                   Arms
      (iii) Vaishya                                    Feet
      (iv) Sudra                                       Thighs
      (v) Sun                                          Mind
      (vi) Moon                                        Eyes
Which of the above are incorrectly matched? Choose the answer from the
codes below:
(a) i, iii and iv
(b) iii, iv, v and vi
(c) ii, iii and vi
(d) iii and iv only
The dasas are described by the Rig Veda as
(i) a vrata, those who did not obey the ordinances of the gods.
(ii) akratu, those who did not perform   sacrifices.