the form of sutras, i.e. condensed prose style
the sutra texts, only Kalpa Sutras have come down to us, and these are again
divided into three classes: (1) Srauta Sutras, (2) Grihya Sutras and (3)
Dharma Sutras. The first one deals with the rituals of the great sacrifices of
Agni, Soma and animal; the second with the domestic ceremonies and
sacrifices to be performed by the house-holder; and the third with the laws,
manners and customs of people in general. It is the third one with which
historians are mainly concerned, for it constitutes the foundation of the
Dharmasastras such as the Laws of Manu. Attached to the Srauta Sutras are
the Sulva Sutras, the oldest books on Indian geometry containing instructions
for the measurement and construction of the complex Vedic fire altars and the
laying out of the sacrificial area.
                       Building Blocks of Hindu Dharma
Comparison of Literary and Archaeological Sources
Rejection of Aryan Invasion Theory The old theory of an Aryan invasion
in northern India, conquering the indigenous peoples and establishing an
Aryan civilisation, from which the essentials of Indian culture flowed, is not