Route taken by Aryans during migration
The Concept of Arya or Aryan
In the discussion of the Indo-European problem, several terms are used. The
Indo-Europeans are called Aryans although the term arya is found mainly in
the eastern Indo-European languages. This term may indicate the culture
shared by the Avesta and the Rig Veda. The two terms ‘Indo-Iranian’ and
‘Indo-Aryan’ are frequently employed. The term ‘Indo-Iranian’ is used to
signify the undifferentiated language which was spoken by the Aryans
comprising the Indians and Iranians before their separation. The term ‘Indo-
Aryan’ means the speech and its speakers who appear in India; sometimes,
the term ‘Proto-Indian’ is used to denote the same.
    The term arya occurs in both the Rig Veda and the Avesta. The term
‘Iran’ itself is connected with the term arya. Since Afghanistan was occupied
by the Indo-Aryans and the Iranian Aryans for some time, a part of this
country came to be known as ‘Araiya’ or ‘Haraiva’. In the sixth century BC,
King Darius I of Persia called himself an Aryan. In the Rig Veda, the term
arya connotes a cultural community. Speakers of both the Indo-Aryan and
the Indo-Iranian languages are called Aryans. The Avesta mentions the