Aryans. The theory of southern Russia or Eurasia being the original home of
the Aryans seems to be more plausible than the others. From this region, they
moved to different parts of Asia and Europe. The main tribes known among
the Aryan speaking people are the Hittites, Indo-Aryans, Iranians, Kassites,
Mitannis and Greeks. While Hittites migrated to Cappadocia (Asia Minor) in
about 1950 BC, the Indo-Iranians came to the Pamirs and the Oxus and
Jaxartes valleys in about 2000 BC. Then the Iranians went to Iran and the
Indo-Aryans entered India in about 1500 BC, but not earlier than 2000 BC.
Kassites occupied Babylonia in about 1760 BC, while the Mitannis migrated
to northern parts of Mesopotamia around. 1500 BC. Finally, the Greek Aryans
went to Greece around 1200 BC.