(d) Surkotada
From where do we get the evidence of a Harappan game similar to the game
of chess?
(a) Harappa
(b) Kalibangan
(c) Mohenjodaro
(d) Lothal
Pieces of black coal discovered in Indus sites are identified with
(a) silajata
(b) die piece
(c) writing pencil
(d) cosmetics
The earliest known occurrence of metal trade was done in
(a) lead
(b) copper
(c) tin
(d) silver
What is the estimated population of Mohenjodaro?
(a) 35,000–41,000
(b) 50,000–70,000
(c) 15,000–30,000
(d) 70,000–90,000
Where do we have a structure which comprises a monumental entrance and
double stairway, leading to a raised platform on which was found one of the
rare stone sculptures of a seated figure?
(a) Harappa
(b) Lothal
(c) Kalibangan
(d) Mohenjodaro
A terracotta model of a ship, with a stick- impressed socket for the mast and
eye holes for fixing rigging, comes from
(a) ·Lothal
(b) Mohenjodaro
(c) Surkotada