(a) Limestone
(b) Terracotta
(c) Silver
(d) Steatite
At which of the following Indus sites did the historians discover human
skeletons huddled together, indicating their violent death?
(a) Sutkagendor
(b) Surkotada
(c) Mohenjociaro
(d) Harappa
Who among the following named the Indus civilisation as the ‘Harappan
civilisation’ after the name of the Indus site of Harappa?
(a) Sir ME M Wheeler
(b) Dr S R Rao
(c) Sir John Marshall
(d) Dr Sankhalia
Which of the following domesticated animals was conspicuous by its absence
in the terra-cottas of the Indus civilisation?
(a) Sheep
(b) Cow
(c) Buffalo
(d) Pig
Concrete evidence of the use of cotton clothes by the Harappans comes
which of the following Indus sites?
(a) Kalibangan
(b) Rangpur
(c) Sutkagendor
(d) Mohenjodaro
The houses of all the Indus cities, except one, had side entrances. Pick out the
particular city in which houses had entrances on the main street?
(a) Chanhudaro
(b) Mohenjodaro
(c) Lothal
(d) Kalibangan